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Harald Hauswald · Touring Exhibition

From 1981 to 1990 Harald Hauswald worked as a photographer for the Berlin Stephanus-Stiftung. During this time Harald Hauswald made …

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OSTKREUZ Anecdotes · Espen Eichhöfer

As of today you can watch a new episode of our "OSTKREUZ Anecdotes" in the OSTKREUZ youtube chanel. In this post our photographers talk …

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Crowdfunding · "Der Wedding - The Photobook"

From now on you can support the current photobook project by the editors of Berlin based magazine "Der Wedding", the OSTKREUZ photographers …

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OSTKREUZ is an institution for photography in Berlin since 1990.

20 photographers realize their idea of a common author photography that wants more than the beautiful picture.

They work on behalf and freely,  alone and collectively, for magazine pages and museum walls.