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GDR through and through. Life in the East.

The exhibition on posters "GDR through and through. Life in the East" was created in cooperation with the German Foundation on the …

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Ostkreuz · La condition humaine

Ausstellung „La condition humaine“ in Mérignac bei Bordeaux Noch bis zum 25. März 2018 ist in Mérignac bei Bordeaux unsere Ausstellung „La …

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Ina Schoenenburg · Otto-Steinert-Preis

In Schoenenburg wurde für Langzeitprojekt „Blickwechsel“ mit dem diesjährigen Otto-Steinert-Preis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für …

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OSTKREUZ is an institution for photography in Berlin since 1990.

20 photographers realize their idea of a common author photography that wants more than the beautiful picture.

They work on behalf and freely,  alone and collectively, for magazine pages and museum walls.