Mila Teshaieva · Exhibitions in Groningen, NL und Nîmes, F

The festival Noorderlicht and the foundation "Oude Groninger Kerken" present the exhibition "Ukraine: The road to freedom" with Ukrainian photography from 1970 to today. Mila Teshaieva is represented in the Groningen exhibition with her series "Unfamiliar Memory". 

Works from the same series by Mila Teshaieva are currently on view and will be until Sept. 30 in Nimes, southern France, in the group exhibition "Body as Propaganda. Stand for Ukraine" at the NegPos Gallery. 

Opening: 10.9.2022 in the context of the Groningen Museum Night 

Duration of exhibition: 11.9. until 4.12.2022 




Stephanie Steinkopf · Group Exhibition in Cottbus

Stephanie Steinkopf is represented with her long-term project "VOGELFREI" in the group exhibition "Nachts. Fotografische Erkundungen zwischen den Abend- und Morgenstunden" at the Brandenburg Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst (BLMK), Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus. For her work "Vogelfrei" Stephanie Steinkopf accompanied several homeless women in Berlin from 2013 to 2015. 

Opening: 9.9.2022, 7 p.m. 

Duration exhibition: 10.9.- 20.11.2022. 

More information here.

Mila Teshaieva · Group Exhibition in Hamburg

Mila Teshaieva is represented with her work "Fragments of Life. An Ukrainian Diary" in the group exhibition "The New Abnormal" at PHOXXI, the temporary House of Photography at Deichtorhallen Hamburg. The exhibition is a cooperation with the Odesa Photo Days Festival. Works by twelve Ukrainian photographers convey an impression of contemporary life in the face of war. 

Opening: 2.9.2022, 7 p.m. 

Duration of exhibition: 3.9.- 6.11.2022 

More information here.


Tamara Eckhardt · Solo Exhibition in Amsterdam, NL

Tamara Eckhardt's series "Youth of the Island Field" is exhibited at the gallery "Van Zijll Langhout" during the photo fair UNSEEN in Amsterdam. Over a period of almost three years, she accompanied children and young people in St. Marys Park, a neighborhood in Limerick, Ireland. Her work gives an intimate insight into the lives of the children growing up there.

Opening: 2.9.2022, 5 p.m. 

Duration of exhibition: 3.9. to 8.10.2022. 

More information here.

Johanna-Maria Fritz · Publikation und Werkstattgespräch

Johanna-Maria Fritz ist im Rahmen der diesjährigen  ebenfalls mit einem Book signing sowie einem Werkstattgespräch („Was bedeutet professionelle 

Johanna-Maria Fritz is at this year's Berlin Photo Week with a book signing and a workshop talk ("What does professional photography mean today?") in the Arena. In addition, she has self-published her first zine entitled "a grave in the garden" (edition of 50), which can be ordered online now. The zine features her photographs from Ukraine, where she went immediately after the attack by Russia in February 2022. Johanna-Maria Fritz will sign this and other publications at the Buchkunst Berlin booth. 

Workshop talk Arena: 2.9.2022, 1:20 p.m.

Book signing, Buchkunst Berlin booth: 2.9.2022, 2-3 p.m.

Order the book.

Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler · Artist Talk

The group exhibition "HOME AGAIN" at the Willy-Brandt-Haus shows contemporary photography and video works that examine the adaptability of a rapidly changing society. The exhibition will feature a conversation with some of the participating artists, including Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler. They are represented in the exhibition with their joint work "An den Strömen". 

Date: 1.9.2022, 7 p.m. 

Duration of the exhibition: until 25.9.2022 

More information here.

Johanna-Maria Fritz · Exhibition in Berlin

The gallery "Chaussee 36" shows the exhibition "Dancing through times of uncertainty" in the context of the Berlin Photo Week. In it, the works of MAGNUM photographer Inge Morath (1923-2002) and OSTKREUZ photographer Johanna-Maria Fritz (*1994) are juxtaposed. Johanna-Maria Fritz was awarded the Inge Morath Award in 2017 for her series "like a bird", presented by the MAGNUM Foundation.

Duration: 1.9. to 22.10.2022


Group exhibition, Luxembourg

The European Institute of Culture Pierre Werner is showing a small OSTKREUZ group exhibition entitled "L'Europe sans limites" at the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg. Europe without borders - as self-evident as open borders seem to us, we are currently seeing how fragile they are, because we currently risk losing the social consensus based on human rights, democratic ways of life and cultural diversity. The photographers confront these complex conflicts with selected photographic essays. Mila Teshaieva also presents excerpts from her war diary from Ukraine.
Launch: 30.6.2022, 6:30 p.m.

Duration: 30.6. until 28.8.2022

Further information on the exhibition here.

Group exhibition, Berlin

The exhibition "OSTKREUZ: Un Visa pour Paris" presents photographs taken by our photographers Sibylle Bergemann, Ute Mahler, Harald Hauswald and Maurice Weiss in the gallery of the Institut Français on the Ku'damm to mark the 35th anniversary of the city partnership between Paris and Berlin. On the one hand, it shows black-and-white photographs taken by Sibylle Bergemann and Ute Mahler, who both had the privilege of travelling from the GDR to Paris at an early age on a visa. On the other hand, it provides hitherto unknown insights into the multidisciplinary events during the GDR art exhibition "L'Autre Allemagne hors les murs", which was shown at the Villette in 1990 and during which the four photographers were among the 200 invited artists.
The exhibition is a project of OSTKREUZ in cooperation with the Institut Français Berlin.
Opening: 29.6.2022, 7 pm

Duration: 30.6. until 17.9.2022

Further information on the exhibition here.

Johanna-Maria Fritz - Group exhibition in Berlin

The exhibition "Fragments of War - Images from Ukraine" at the Willy Brandt House, curated by Andy Heller and Mirja Linnekugel, presents the works of the three photographers Johanna-Maria Fritz (OSTKREUZ), Helena Lea Manhartsberger and Laila Sieber. All three travel - independently of each other - to Ukraine at the beginning of the war to capture the inconceivable in pictures on site. Johanna-Maria Fritz is in Butcha when the war crimes become visible. She documents the destruction in Kyiv and Irpin, sees the horror on the streets and the omnipresent destruction. Her series "In the Garden a Grave" is a moving testimony to the current tragedy.
Opening: 30.6.2022, 7 pm

Duration: 1.7. to 21.8.2022

Location: Willy Brandt House, Stresemannstr. 28, 10963 Berlin.

Further information on the exhibition here.

Jörg Brüggemann - Solo exhibition in Strasbourg

"La Chambre", a Strasbourg exhibition venue, is showing Jörg Brüggemann's series "Autobahn" in a solo exhibition. Brüggemann has documented the German autobahns over a period of 5 years (2014-2019). This monumental infrastructure is emblematic of the country's identity and culture, which even today, more than 100 years after its construction began, still stands equally for freedom, speed and progress. Jörg Brüggemann has photographed the autobahn with a sometimes nostalgic, but also often critically distanced view that questions the future of this mode of transport. The catalogue of the same name has been published by Hartmann Books. On the opening weekend, Jörg Brüggemann will give a workshop on "Nature and Infrastructure".
Opening: 24.6.2022, 6 pm

Duration: 25.6. until 4.9.2022

Further information on the exhibition here

Sibylle Bergemann - solo exhibition in Berlin

The Berlinische Galerie - Museum für Moderne Kunst presents the different narrative levels of the unique pictorial cosmos of our founding photographer Sibylle Bergemann in the comprehensive retrospective exhibition "Sibylle Bergemann. Stadt, Land, Hund. Fotografien 1966-2010". Over a period of more than four decades, Bergemann (1941-2010) created an extraordinary body of work consisting of city, fashion and portrait photographs as well as essayistic reportages. Recurring motifs are the city, women and, time and again, dogs. Wanderlust is an important driving force behind her photographic practice worldwide: Dakar, Moscow, New York and Paris were among her destinations. The project is a cooperation with the Estate Sibylle Bergemann.

Opening: 23.6.2022, 7 pm

Duration: 24.6. until 10.10.2022

Further information on the exhibition here.

Mila Teshaieva - solo exhibition in Berlin

From the end of June, the Museum of European Cultures will be showing Mila Teshaieva's current war diary, which she photographed for the internet platform from the beginning of the war in Ukraine. 

Opening: 23.6.2022

Further information on the exhibition here.

"Evacuation Trains in Pictures"

The accompanying program to the photography exhibition "After the escape" at the Zion Church deals with the possibilities of a reflected view in and outside of war events, curated by Kateryna Mishchenko.

Since the end of February 2022, Ukraine's entire logistics have changed to war: Evacuations, separations, deliveries of aid, the return of mostly male Ukrainians:inside who suddenly had to take up arms have become everyday practices. Through this dramatic dynamic, the people affected are forced to adopt new identities and role models in the short term: Artists:ins become soldiers:ins, hipsters:ins become social workers:ins, wealthy lawyers:ins become suppliers of medicines, and large numbers of fleeing working women* become single parents or have to care for their relatives. How can these changes forced by the outbreak of war be described and represented when media and art professionals themselves are subject to this change of meaning, since they too are directly involved in the war? How do personal stories of flight influence work in war and crisis zones? How can we report on wars? What (artistic) media are available to us for this purpose? What role do proximity and distance play in creating and viewing images? In the program accompanying the exhibition "After the Flight", Ukrainian and German media and cultural professionals as well as academics will talk about the possibilities of a reflected view in and outside of war events. 

Reading "What do we do with flour, we rather need a baker". 
Sat, 14.05, 7:00 pm 

Diary of Evacuation by Kateryna Iakovlenko Discussion with Angelina Kariakina (editor-in-chief of the newsroom "Suspilne", the Ukrainian public radio station, Kyiv), Florian Bachmeier (photographer, Munich), moderated by Susanne Strätling (professor of general and comparative literature with a focus on Slavic literature at the Free University of Berlin) and translated by Frank Thomas. The event will be held in German. 

The war in Ukraine is spoken and written about worldwide, it is represented in auditory and visual images. Its media representation is supposed to create empathy and solidarity with Ukrainians, although this often seems to be subject to today's fast pace and the short attention span associated with it. How do mediators of war deal with this? What difference does it make if they themselves are directly involved or affected? What ethical questions do they ask themselves during their work? Do they always succeed in reflecting or even questioning themselves in the process of mediation? 


Panel discussion "Rescuing Art" 
Wed, 25.05.2022, 7 p.m., Zionskirche Berlin 

War challenges art and artist:ing, as well as all other areas of life and professional practices, to reinvent themselves. In such an extraordinary situation, does art possess a heightened mediating function? What practices does war impose? How can artworks and artists:inside be protected?

Date: Wednesday, 25.05.2022, 7 p.m., Zionskirche Berlin 

Prologue: Alarming Symphony by Sasha Kurmaz 

Conversation with: 
Kateryna Iakovlenko (author, art scholar)
& Alona Karavai (cultural manager, curator)
moderated by Wendy M.K. Shaw (art historian specializing in Islamic cultures)


Concert Mavka & Jazz Aid Ukraine
Sat, 28.05.2022, 7 p.m., Zionskirche Berlin 

We are pleased to conclude the accompanying program "Evacuation Trains in Pictures" in cooperation with Mavka & Jazz Aid Ukraine. The concert will take place as the last evening event in the Zionskirche before it will temporarily close its doors for restoration works in early summer.

Our project takes place in cooperation with the Förderverein Zionskirche e.V. and is supported by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) and the Rudolf Augstein Foundation.

Nach der Flucht | After the Escape | Після порятунку

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An exhibition project combining pictures by Ostkreuz photography agency, the »Records of War Archive« with live events curated by Kateryna Mishchenko and Vitsche (among others).

Opening: May 6th, 2022, 6pm at Zionskirche Berlin

May 6th – June 6th 2022

Opening hours:

Mo – Sa 2pm - 6 pm
So 12 pm - 4 pm


Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Each day, gruesome news and pictures reach us from Ukraine. There is a war in Europe. Millions of people are fleeing from the Russian army.

Two members of the Ostkreuz photography agency, Johanna-Maria Fritz and Mila Teshaieva, are in Ukraine since the large-scale war started. Their contributions to the exhibition show us what people are fleeing from. Since the beginning of March, Ostkreuz photographers are portraying those who are on the run. In short texts, refugees tell their personal stories.

»After the Escape« wants to set a stage for Ukrainian people. We want to invite artists and performers from Ukraine to a series of events at Zionskirche Berlin. The project was founded as a reaction and is continually shapeshifting as it's going along. We want to listen, to learn, to be committed.

A forum for encounters
Zionskirche Berlin has a storied past. During the former GDR era, it offered shelter for people who didn't want to or who could not flee their country. The Zionskirche was an important place for the democracy movement in the former GDR. Now, for four weeks until its renovation begins, the church opens its doors for a new forum for encounters.

The exhibition "Nach der Flucht" is funded by the Rudolf Augstein Foundation. The accompanying programme of events, curated by Kateryna Mishchenko, is funded by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.

Further information on the project partners::

Press material here.

»Records of war« is a publishing project led by an editorial team of displaced Ukrainians who collect and translate diaries and personal memories of people directly affected by the Russia-Ukraine war. Please consider supporting the project by donating directly. All donations are distributed among the authors as flat fees, while the editorial team works voluntarily.


May 8th 2022, 7pm 

»Golosinnya« (engl. lamentation) is curated by Serafima Brig and Eva Yakubovska from the Vitsche organization. The event consists of two performances:

»Non verba« by Maryana Danchenko reflects upon the idiomatic expression of »I have no words« regarding the horrors of war. The project provides a platform for the current feelings of Ukrainians, and what they felt during World War II. The performance is based on an interview with a woman, who survived a Nazi forced labour camp. 
Bohdan Moroz's performance »Lament« (Golosinnya in Ukrainian) is inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of lamentations for the dead. The work is an attempt to reflect on the horrors and pain, which the Ukraine is facing. It is a threnody for the people, who are brutally murdered by Russian soldiers. The original lament embedded in the performance is addressed to mothers.

The performance takes place at Zionskirche on the occasion of Mother's Day on May 8th. That is one day before parts of the former Soviet Union celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany - the so called »Victory Day«. 

Sibylle Fendt · Exhibition in Berlin

Since 2021, Sibylle Fendt has been portraying artists, actors, authors, musicians and filmmakers. The solo exhibition entitled "_:* Portraits of Artists" at the "F hoch 3" gallery in Berlin-Kreuzberg presents a collection of these photographs to the public for the first time. It provides a unique insight into the variety and diversity of contemporary artistic practice and introduces us to its representatives, who are far too often out of the spotlight.
At the same time, Sibylle Fendt's second limited publication "_:* #2" will be self-published in the form of a handmade slipcase with 30 high-quality picture cards. These can be purchased at the gallery. On three different Wednesdays, talks and readings with Sibylle Fendt and guests will take place in the exhibition as part of the "#Feministwednesday".

Exhibition opening: 5.5.2022, 7 p.m.

Duration: 6.5.-19.6.2022

Photo tours with Sibylle Fendt: 8.5. and 5.6.2022, both 11 a.m.

#Feministwednesdays: 11.5., 25.5., 15.6.2022, each at 7 pm

Further information can be found here 

OSTKREUZ · Group exhibition in Eschborn

Our exhibition "CONTINENT - In Search of Europe" is still on show in Eschborn at the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation until mid-June!
On 16 May, Heinrich Voelkel and Frank Schinski will give a last guided tour of the exhibition and present their personal projects "No Easy Way Out" (Heinrich Voelkel) and " Richtige Einstellung" (Frank Schinski), which were created for the exhibition. Prior registration is required for the guided tour.

The exhibition is a cooperation between OSTKREUZ and the Akademie der Künste and curator Ingo Taubhorn. 

Artist's tour: Monday, 16.5.2022, 6:30 p.m. 

Duration of exhibition: until 12.6.22

Registration for the artist tour can be found here

Annette Hauschild and Tobias Kruse · DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE

Annette Hauschild and Tobias Kruse have been alternately photographing the cover motifs for DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE since 2014; the 100th cover for the magazine was recently created. In the current issue, the two give insight in an interview about who or what they remember most.

Further information here

Pictures by Annette Hauschild for DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE

Pictures by Tobias Kruse for DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE

Stephanie Steinkopf - solo exhibition in Berlin

For several years, the number of homeless women in Germany has been increasing. Domestic violence, forced evictions and mental illness are common reasons for this. Many homeless women are mentally ill. They decide against assisted living and in favour of a self-determined life. From 2013 to 2015, Stephanie Steinkopf accompanied homeless women in Berlin for her work "Vogelfrei". Here, she questions the often prejudiced view of people and thus highlights the interrelation between poverty, exclusion and social justice. The Hansa Library is showing the exhibition as part of the "Open for Culture" programme. There will be a talk with Stephanie Steinkopf at the exhibition opening.

Opening: 29.5.2022, 2 - 4 p.m.

Duration: 30.5. until 10.7.2022

Further information here

Jörg Brüggemann - Group exhibition in Dortmund

For the project "Experiment HEIMAT", different teams, each consisting of one author and one photographer, researched "their" places under the aspect of "home" in North Rhine-Westphalia. In encounters and exchanges with the people living there, social groups (such as local history societies or migration associations) and visitors, they investigated the meaning they ascribed to the respective place. The central question was always to what extent the view from outside coincides with the self-perception of the people living in Westphalia of "their" home. As part of this project, Jörg Brüggemann has collaborated with the author Helene Bukowski on a work about football in Dortmund. The exhibition will be shown at Zeche Zollern in Dortmund from the end of May onwards. A catalogue on the entire project has been published by Hartmann Books:

Duration: 20.5. until 19.6.2022

Further information here