Ina Schoenenburg

Ina Schoenenburg


Ina Schoenenburg
* 1979 – based in Berlin

Ina Schoenenburg's work revolves around the psychological location of the individual within interpersonal relationships.
She is interested in the conflicts of their protagonists and their dealing with them. With insights into stylized everyday situations, she creates an intimate world of images, under whose surface noticeable conflicts seethe, even if the story behind it remains secret.
For "Flashback" she portrayed German soldiers and veterans with a post-traumatic stress disorder after their return from Afghanistan in their social environment and with their family.
For "Biester" she accompanied a friendly gay couple in everyday life between tensions and intimate moments. In her current work "Narrow Paths", she explores the north-east of Brandenburg, along the German-Polish border, as well as the north-west of Poland. For her ongoing work "Blickwechsel" (since 2011) Ina Schoenenburg photographs her own family: herself, her daughter and her parents in their house in the country. In "change of eyes" she tells of growing up and of being adult, of closeness and distance within a family, of longings, buried fears, unspoken tensions and, of course, of the unique love that parents have for their children and vice versa.
Ina Schoenenburg was born in East Berlin in 1979. In 2012 she finished studying photography at the Ostkreuzschule. For her long-term project "Blickwechsel", she won the Prix Exchange Boutographies / Fotoleggendo in 2016. Her pictures were exhibited in France, Italy and Switzerland. Ina Schoenenburg lives and works in Berlin.


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