Jörg Brüggemann

Jörg Brüggemann


Joerg Brueggemann
* 1979 – based in Berlin

If you consider globalization to be the interaction of local processes on a global scene then you could say that the work of Jörg Brüggeman reflects the concept of globalization pretty good. On the one hand, he is always interested in finding that undiscovered spot of a location, in photographing the outsider as well as the daily life of a place. He shot the creative youngsters in Berlin and the tourists on the beaches near Tel Aviv. On the other hand, his photographs, especially those on tourism and youth culture, show how close the different parts of the world and the people that live in them are connected. He covers e.g. regularly the Special Olympics, where mentally disabled people from around the globe compete with each other in various disciplines. For his work "Same Same But Different", which upon completing he exhibited in Berlin and Bremen, he photographed the globetrotter scene in Asia and won the BFF Förderpreis. For years he crossed numerous continents to document heavy metal as a cultural phenomenon with global impact. His book "Metalheads - The Global Brotherhood", which was published in 2012 by "gestalten Verlag" shows: metal fans today exist in a wide variety - with mohawk, bandana or waiving blond hair. Jörg Brüggemann was born in 1979 in Herne. He studied under Peter Bialobrezeski at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen and went a semester abroad to Buenos Aires in 2003. In 2009 he joined OSTKREUZ. His works are exhibited regularly and he works for major national and international magazines such as the Rolling Stone, ZEITmagazin and NEON. He works and lives in Berlin.


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