Frank Schinski

Frank Schinski


Frank Schinski
* 1975 – based in Hannover

Work as a mason is the best preparation for a career in photography – that thought could cross your mind after you have seen photographs by Frank Schinski (*1975 in Prenzlau near Berlin). Few photographers work with such accuracy on both, the chronological as well as the visual level. His pictures could not have been taken even a split second earlier. Every piece has its place. That is why his photographs bear such perfection. The scene seems almost set up intentionally, but Frank Schinski doesn’t set his photographs up. He rather looks at the world as a visual anthropologist who examines social phenomena by means of photography. In his work “Vom Aufhören” he follows people during one of the most memorable days of their lives: their last day at work. In “Das Weltgericht” he shows the daily routine at the ICC, the largest court in the world, which dispenses justice over a large part of our worlds population. Near the end of the 90s he gave up his work as a mason in order to study photography in Hannover. In 2009 he became a member of OSTKREUZ. His work is now regularly exhibited and he goes on assignment for international magazines and major corporations, such as Volkswagen, Sparkasse or Continental AG. He works and lives in Hannover.


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