Harald Hauswald

Harald Hauswald


Harald Hauswald
* 1954 – based in Berlin


Harald Hauswald was born in the saxon province Radebeul in 1954 and is one of the founding members of the OSTKREUZ photography agency. After his apprenticeship in photography he moved to east Berlin in 1977. There he became a member of the GDR artists' association. The social interest in combination with his artistic ambition made him in a short time to an important photographer of the east. As first DDR-photographer he published photo reports in western magazines like „Geo“, „Zeitmagazin“ or „Taz“, but with an anonymous name. Meanwhile Harald Hauswald is carrier of the Federal Cross of Merit and became with more than 250 single exhibitions in whole Germany, the USA, France, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as numerous photo books about east Berlin, to a well known german photographer. His pictures from the DDR shape the view and the memories of east berlin.


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