Linn Schröder

Linn Schröder


Linn Schroeder
* 1977 – based in Berlin

Within Linn Schröders series, every single frame forms itself already a self contained work. She then puts them together and creates a coherent, atmospherical succession. That’s why her photography resembles rather poetry than prose. Anyway, she doesn’t finish the story, but saves the end of it in order to a secret to solve for the observer. Her works that often negotiate the relation between dream and reality are free from cliches or anything, the observer might expect for that matter. Even to places crowded with mystery and obvious shots, she finds a fresh and unexpected approach. For her work “To Bejewel”, she shot in Las Vegas, but there’s not a even the shadow of a casino or a stripclub to be found in any one of her photographs. Linn Schröder puts a lot of herself, her personality, in her photographs and by that, enters a more personal sphere of of photography. When her little sister was ill, she took a portrait of her once a week for an entire year and this way documented not only the process of her extended recovery, but also the changes to their personal relationship in the meantime. The picture “Self Portrait with Twins and Breast”, is concerned with her own body, by means of which she tells a deeply intimate story.

Linn Schröder (*1977 in Hamburg) studied until the year 2004 at the HAW Hamburg. Her graduation work “Sie sind ein echter Frosch” won the BFF Förderpreis. She then went on to study at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg and at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Zürich. In 2008 she was awarded the Hamburger Arbeitsstipendium, a fellowship of the creating arts, within the frame of with she instantiated the work “TO THE MOON”, which was later exhibited in Hamburg, Berlin and Vienna. By invitation of Ingo Taubhorn she participated in the first European Photo Exhibition Award, for which she shot “Somewhere Here”, which was shown at the Hamburger Deichtorhallen, at Paris Photo and the Lucca Photo Festival as well as at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. All her works have won numerous awards and were shown many times all across Europe. She works for international magazines and teaches regularly, among others at the School of the Arts Berlin-Weißensee, the HTW Berlin and the OSTKREUZSCHULE for photography. She lives and works in Hamburg and Berlin.


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