Dawin Meckel

Dawin Meckel


Dawin Meckel
* 1977 based Frankfurt o. M.

As many other photographers, Dawin Meckel is on the quest of finding that one decisive moment, that makes a great picture, – but he also knows, that he can’t force it. It either happens or not. Knowing this, he can be at total ease when working. His cautious view brings his motifs – mere objects before he photographs them –, to life. Soft colors and dynamic light create intimacy, which inevitably binds the observers eye for minutes. That is, too, why the photographs from his north America trip look as if they were taken from a film. The relation between man and environment are his focus.

Then again in Detroit, he portrays peoples resignation on the one hand and their will to survive in the former „Motocity“ on the other hand and in the remote forests of Canada, he documents how industrial exploitation destroys the lives of the locals, the last descendants from the earliest inhabitants of the country.

As a student he went for a semester abroad to south Africa; the local population and their way of life left a deep impression on him and the pictures he took there eventually became part of his graduation work. Having finished school in 2004 he immediately became a member of OSTKREUZ that same year. Since then he participates regularly in book projects and exhibitions, furthermore his photographs are published in magazines such as GEO, Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Le Monde or Der Spiegel. He lives and works near Frankfurt on the Main.


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