Tamara Eckhardt

Tamara Eckhardt


Tamara Eckhardt
* 1995 – based in Berlin

Tamara Eckhardt (*1995) lives and works as a portrait and documentary photographer in Berlin. In 2021 she graduated from the photography programme at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin. She has been a member of the OSTKREUZ agency since May 2022. Her multiple award-winning photo series provide insights into the lives of minorities and socially marginalised groups. Her special focus is on young people on the threshold of adulthood. She accompanies her protagonists with her camera over a longer period of time. The resulting powerful photographs give the viewer an intimate understanding of the lives of the children and young adults.

She has received the Gute Aussichten Nachwuchspreis, Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award, BFF Förderpreis, Kuala Lumpur international Photo Award, Women in Photo Award, German Youth Photo Award and other awards. Her work has been exhibited several times and presented at international photo festivals.
Eckhardt's latest work "Youth of the Island Field" has been exhibited and honoured several times and has been published in Zeitmagazin. 

Over three years she visits and accompanies young people in St Marys Park, a neighbourhood in Limerick, Ireland and gets to know their families. The portraits provide hints about their personalities, everyday activities and offer intimate insights into the lives of the children growing up there. She herself lived in Ireland as a child.


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