Anne Schönharting

Anne Schönharting


Anne Schönharting
* 1973 – based in Berlin

A nomadic people in Kirghizia, the urban landscape of India or life between the walls of Belfast - Anne Schönharting (* 1973 in Meißen) photographs many various motifs using the whole spectrum of photographic genres, from portrait photography and travel reports to visual studies. The joy of exploring the unknown and the enormous concern for the protagonists of her pictures run like a red thread through Anne Schönhartings work. She engages with the persons she photographs and wants to know them in order to find out who they are. This way, she creates honesty, warmth and intimacy, all of which are reflected within her work. Anne Schönharting works on assignments for well renowned magazines such as GEO, Brand Eins or Die Zeit; she has been awarded numerous awards, including (twice) the Hansel-Mieth-Preis. She lives and works in Berlin.


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