Anne Schönharting

Anne Schönharting


Anne Schönharting
* 1973 – based in Berlin

The colonial heritage of her family, long-term portrait series in Berlin-Charlottenburg, nomads in Kyrgyzstan, an urban utopia in India, fashion campaign for Brioni or life between the walls in Belfast. Anne Schönharting (* 1973 in Meissen) dedicates herself to a wide variety of topics and moves between genres, such as Portrait, Artistic Documentary Photography, Fashion and Social Study.

Anne Schönharting works on her own projects as well as for renowned clients like KfW-Bank, Brioni, Brand Eins, Geo or Zeit and has received several awards. She is a member and co-managing director of the OSTKREUZ agency since 2019 and has been a visiting professor at the Bauhaus University Weimar since 2020. Anne Schönharting lives and works in Berlin.

On October 1, 2020, her book “Das Erbe” was published by Hartmann Books, which deals with the processing and examination of the colonial family legacy of her great-grandfather.

Portrait photo by Annette Hauschild


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