Anne Schönharting · Exhibition in Hamburg

For the exhibition "Dressed. 7 Women - 200 Years of Fashion" Anne Schönharting has photographically staged seven private women's collections for the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg for the accompanying exhibition catalog. The exhibition presents seven fashion-conscious women and their wardrobes, beginning in the 19th century and continuing to the present day. 

The catalog with the photographs by Anne Schönharting is published by Hirmer-Verlag.

Duration: 25.02. until 28.08.2022

Opening: 24.02.2022, 7 p.m.

Here more information about the exhibition.

Sibylle Fendt · Exhibition in France

The Goethe-Institut Nancy is currently showing Sibylle Fendt's exhibition " _:* - Portraits d'artistes féministes". In this exhibition, Sibylle Fendt brings together 24 portraits and statements of artists and cultural workers whom she appreciates for their uniqueness, their unwillingness to compromise, for their very special language and the path they take, and whom she has photographed because of this. The exhibition was organized by the Goethe Institut Nancy in cooperation with OSTKREUZ and the Franco-German Cultural Council. 
Duration: until 31.3.2022

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Harald Hauswald · Exhibition and app in Berlin

As part of the exhibition "Harald Hauswald - Full of Life! Reloaded," C/O Berlin has developed an app that allows visitors to discover images from the exhibition digitally in public spaces at selected locations in Berlin. With the help of augmented reality technologies, the app transforms billboards in three subway stations into images of the exhibition on the smartphone screen. With the launch of the app, C/O Berlin is presenting visual material by Harald Hauswald, some of which has not yet been shown, as part of the exhibition.

The exhibition "Harald Hauswald - Full of Life! Reloaded" is on view at C/O Berlin until April 21.

More information about the exhibition here
Everything else about the app here.
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OSTKREUZ · Group exhibition in Eschborn

We are happy to announce that our exhibition "KONTINENT - In Search of Europe" continues to travel through Germany and now, after the Kunsthalle Erfurt, will be on display in Eschborn at the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation from the beginning of February! 

"KONTINENT" was created in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste and curator Ingo Taubhorn and was first presented in 2020 as part of EMOP at the Akademie der Künste on Pariser Platz. 

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is now showing the exhibition as its third stop under the English title "CONTINENT - In Search of Europe".

Duration: 11.2.22 to 12.6.22

Here is a link to all information.

Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler · Talk in Freising

With the current photo project "An den Strömen" (At the Rivers), Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler take a poetic look at Europe along the great rivers of the continent. The "Schafhof", the European artists' house in Upper Bavaria, will show the exhibition until mid-February 2022.

On the last Sunday in January, architecture critic and publicist Wolfgang Kil will introduce the exhibition as part of the art talk series. Afterwards, Wolfgang Kil, art historian and philosopher Dr. Björn Vedder, and Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler will lead a conversation moderated by Eike Berg, director of the Künstlerhaus.

Date: 30.01.2022, 4 p.m.

Duration exhibition: until 13.2.2022

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Espen Eichhöfer · Book presentation in Oslo

The Goethe-Institut Norway has invited our photographer Espen Eichhöfer, who was born and partly raised in Norway, to Oslo for the presentation of his new publication "Papa, Gerd and the Nordmann" (Norwegian "Pappa, Gerd og Nordmannen").  The event will take place as a prelude to the exhibition for the German Photo Book Award 2021. The book is published by Hartmann Books. It can be ordered at our Ostkreuz-Shop.

Date: 01/27/2022, 5:00 p.m.

More information here:

From the Archives - Discussion Event - Berlin

With their extensive oeuvre, Sibylle Bergemann, Harald Hauswald, Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler are among the most important representatives of recent German photographic history. The artist couple Mahler, the estate of Sibylle Bergemann and the project for the archiving and digitization of the negative stock of Harald Hauswald have been working intensively for several years on the securing and indexing of their photographic oeuvre.

In practical reports as well as in a dialogue with Maren Lübbke-Tidow (for Lighting the Archive), the different approaches and challenges of individual archive work will be made visible. The event is intended as a contribution to making visible the diversity of photography in Germany.

An event of the Ostkreuz-Verein für Fotografie e.V. in cooperation with Maren Lübke-Tidow (Lighting the Archive).

Discussion event: 23.11.21, 7 p.m., free admission.

Location: Ostkreuzschule, Behaimstr. 34, 13086 Berlin-Weissensee

OSTKREUZ - Group exhibition - Erfurt

Finally the time has come: We will show our exhibition "CONTINENT - In Search of Europe", which was shown a year ago at the Akademie der Künste at Pariser Platz, now at the Kunsthalle Erfurt and open it solemnly! 
Our photographers and staff will be there for the opening together with Ingo Taubhorn, the curator of the exhibition. We are all looking forward to seeing you again in Thuringia!

Opening: 23.10.21, 6 p.m. - in the presence of the OSTKREUZ photographers

Dialogical guided tour: 24.10.21, 11:15 a.m. - Ingo Taubhorn and present photographers

Artist talk: 23.11.21, 6 p.m. - Annette Hauschild, Ina Schoenenburg and Maurice Weiss moderated by Ingo Taubhorn 

Duration: 24.10.21 until 23.1.22

Further information:


Anne Schönharting - artist talk - Hamburg

As part of the festival "Re-Enactment of Things" there will be a public talk with Anne Schönharting and the newly founded label „Come in Tent“, consisting of artists*, academics*, healers* from Germany and countries in Africa, about Anne Schönharting's book "Das Erbe" at M.Bassy in Hamburg. 

Artist talk: 10/27-21, 7 p.m.

Further information:


Sibylle Fendt - Book Publication and Launch

In her publication _:* in the form of a slipcase with 24 picture cards, Sibylle Fendt brings together 24 portraits and statements of artists and cultural workers whom she values highly for their uniqueness, their unwillingness to compromise, and for their very special language and the path they take. All those portrayed are united by a feminist stance. Sibylle Fendt will present her book, published in an edition of 200 copies, at Bildband Berlin during a book launch.

Book launch: 28.10.21, 6 p.m. 

Further information:


Group exhibition - Eschborn

The exhibition "Female Perspectives from Vivian Meier to Barbara Klemm" shows works from the Deutsche Börse Photography Art Collection at "The Cube" in Eschborn. Our founders Ute Mahler and Sibylle Bergmann are represented in the exhibition alongside Diane Arbus, Vivian Meier, Susan Meiselas, Barbara Klemm, Helga Paris, Christine Spengler and Mimi Plumb. 

Duration: until 21.1.22

Further information:


Espen Eichhöfer - book presentation with book signing

Espen Eichhöfer will present his book „Papa, Gerd und der Nordmann“, recently published by Hartmann Books, at the Nordic Embassies (Felleshus) with the help of numerous pictures and sign it afterwards.

Book launch: 2.11.21, 7 p.m.

Further information:

Fototalk with Rebecca Sampson and Charlotte Schmitz

Sibylle Fendt talks with Rebecca Sampson and Charlotte Schmitz about their photographic works "Apples for sale" (R.S.) and "La Puente" (C. Sch.).
In these works, both photographers deal with classic social documentary themes. For their realization, both find new ways to understand the complex contexts photographically.
An event of the Ostkreuz-Verein für Fotografie e.V.

Fototalk: 3.11.21, 7 p.m., admission free


Location: Ostkreuz School, Behaimstr. 34, 13086 Berlin-Weißensee

Photo: © Rebecca Sampson from the work "Apples for sale".

Jörg Brüggemann - book premiere with signing session

Jörg Brüggemann, together with the authors Marion Brasch and Juri Sternburg, accompanied the production of the "Threepenny Opera" at the Berliner Ensemble for several months. The result is a book about the 'making of' that gives a unique insight into the theater work in front of, on and behind the stage. Marion Brasch talks with Brüggemann and production participants about the production and the book, which was published by Spector Books. Followed by a book signing.

Book premiere: 7.11.21, 11 a.m.

Further information:


Sebastian Wells - Solo exhibition - Lugano, Switzerland

The Coisi Bookshop in Lugano is showing Sebastian Wells work "La Rada di Augusta" until mid-November. The solo exhibition was organized by the Artphilein Foundation and Springer Gallery.

Duration: until 31.10.2021

Sibylle Fendt - Group exhibition, Hofheim

As part of the RAY Festival, the Marta Hoeppfner Society for Photography is showing the exhibition "VorBilder" at the Stadtmuseum Hofheim, in which current portraits of artists by Sibylle Fendt and photographs by Nicole Ahland enter into a dialogue with works by the late Wiesbaden photographer Marta Hoeppfner (1912-2000). In her work, Sibylle Fendt encounters artists* who have the courage to break through bourgeois paradigms, to question gender roles and express this through their person and their art. 

Duration: until 1.08.2021

Artist talk: 20.07.2021, 7 p.m.

Further information: here.

Anne Schönharting - Lecture, DFA

Anne Schönharting gave a talk about her work and publication "Das Erbe" (Hartmann Books) at the Deutsche Fotografische Akadamie (DFA) in May as part of the DFA-FOTIDIALOGE #2. She was subsequently appointed as a member of the DFA. 

Her talk can be accessed here.

Jörg Brüggemann - Solo exhibition, Marseille, France

The Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Marseille, will be showing Jörg Brüggemann's long-term project "Autobahn", which was created from 2014-2019, in a solo exhibition from mid-July. The publication of the same name is published by Hartmann Books in 2020.

Opening and artist talk: 16.07.2019

Duration: until 22.08.2021

More information here.

Ute Mahler - Group exhibition, Braunschweig

In the exhibition "Double Dialogues," the Museum für Photographie Braunschweig juxtaposes historical works by photographers Käthe Buchler and Julia Margaret Cameron from the museum's collection with works by contemporary photographers Ute Mahler and Ute Behrend. Ute Mahler's early group of works "Zirkus Hein" about one of the family circuses of the GDR is presented here in partly newly produced color prints and variants.

Duration: until 22.08.2021

Further information here.

Tobias Kruse · Group exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tobias Kruse's impressive work "Deponie" was created in 2019/2020 as part of the "recommended: Olympus fellowship 2020". Following presentations at the Haus der Photographie in Hamburg and the Fotografieforum Frankfurt (FFF), the award-winning exhibition will now be on view at FOAM in Amsterdam. In addition to Tobias Kruse, Karla Hiraldo Voleau and Mika Sperling have been awarded the Fellowship Award by Olympus.

Opening: 1.07.2021 in the presence of Tobias Kruse

Artist talk: 3.07.2021, 11 a.m., Tobias Kruse in conversation with Ingo Taubhorn in the rooms of FOAM and live on the Instagram channel of FOAM.

Duration: 2.07.-12.09.2021

More information here.